List of In-Kind and Volunteer Service

1.  Pioneer Motor Bearing (Kings Mountain)
  A.  Material--babbitt
  B.  Service--Bead blasting of parts
  C.  Expertise--Steve Bonino and Kim Johnson--advise and demonstration of babbitt pouring
  D.  Reworking of main sweep hub to fit new roller bearing
2.  Ed Martin & Ed Martin, Jr.
  A.  Fitting of new Bronze bushing, installed grease fitting
  B.  Made jig for pouring babbitt
          C.  Use of glass bead machine for cleaning brass castings.
          D.  Loan of die grinder
3.  R. N. Ivie (Machine shop)
  A.  Measured and advised on horse pipes, pins for sectional gear locks
  B.  Came to shop numerous times to help decide what to do.  Charged reasonably for jobs and materials.
4.  Steve Hoyle...father of Eagle Scout Darrin Hoyle
  A.  Drove truck to Little River, SC to pick up parts from junkyard
  B.  Helped dismantle & store the mechanism.  Moved trailer w/ his tractor for storage
5.  Carolina Freight--Bob Bullock--loan of trailer for storage for several months.
6.  Doug Carlisle--Sprayed varnish on four horses-- All kinds of advice and consultation.  Use of  his stationary power equipment to prepare rough lumber for joining.
7.  Eddie Elliott--Mechanical work, advice and expertise, taking down the mechanism, and invaluable help in getting it ready to go back up. Leading the crew that is test assembling the mechanism spring and summer 1998.
8.   Rosa Ragan, Will Morton, Charles Walker, Brian Morgan,Tom Wolf & others of National Carousel Association--consultation, advice, and encouragement.
9.  Mike Humphries, JTPA Region C Job Corps--arranging, cleaning & set-up of mech. shop.  Moved parts, cleaned grease, lots of heavy, dirty work.
10. Darrin Hoyle--Eagle scout service project.  Provided manpower and leadership for disassembly of "mech" & moved to shop. Clean-up of pavilion area. With help from Eddie Elliott, Charlie Gassman, Bill Decker, Morris Elliot, Steve Hoyle, others.
11. Andrew Barker--Eagle scout service project.  Manpower and leadership for material handling, sandblasting & priming of major mech. components.
12. Royce Green--donated some junk parts
13.  Gary Childers--information and "Carnival Wisdom"
14. Chance Rides--Ed Widger, company historian-- consultation, customer service 800 number
15. Hoosier's Food Mart--Leroy Dubre--owner;  French Broad River Decoys--Randy Jackson--Made and furnished materials for mirrored shields (14)
16. L.B. Izzi, Plastic Oddities Foundry (Jim Hoover)--Made parts (6 each) for 14 Rounding boards.  (Brass Eagle head decorations); and other castings.
17. Mike and Patti Weatherbee, PA  pictures and drawings plus loan of pattern pieces for #16.
18. City of Shelby--Dave Wilkison, Harlow Brown, Henry Wesson, Fain Hamrick, Roger Davis, Joey Gant, Dee Freeman, Mike Philbeck and others-- cooperation.
19. The Shelby Star, Shelby Shopper and Cleveland Observer--support and publicity
20  The Arts Council--space and support, Grassroots Grant funding.
21. Bob Ledford and machine shop crew at Cleveland Mills, Lawndale--turned cranks 12-28, 12-29, 1994.
22. Alice Johnson, Nancy Hanes, Brenda Lowery and other volunteer painters--thousands of hours of work painting horses and decorative components.
23. Ansley Corporation and Clint Newton--donation of several boxes of rags.
24. Stores and banks --who kept horses on display.
25. Bob Shepherd  --Art for printing, fund raising, etc.
26. Alice Johnson-- Donations of various art supplies.
27. Day's Inn-- Motel rooms for consultants.
28. Times Printing-- printing of certificates, invitations for Ground Breaking
29. Weber Co.-- donation of oil paints
30. National Carousel Association --Preservation Fund Grants, support and networking with national carousel community.
31. Grassroots Arts Program of NC Arts Council
32. Volunteers who have sanded, painted, took down the mechanism, helped sell shirts, etc.
33. J.L. Suttle, Jr.-- Donation of Bob Shepherd Logo design
34.  Lilly Fasteners--Rich Lilly and his dad.  Has donated bolts, nuts, screws, etc. Jeff Grant, Tommy, and the crew. Great service.
35.  Rich Jones--Press Room Printing donated new cards for "Partners in the Pavilion";  Printing donated printing of two newsletters.
36.  Russell Talbert--Eagle Scout service project to fill, sand, prime, and base coat the rounding boards, and drill, countersink, remove flash, and polish the metal castings that go on Rounding Boards.
37.  Jerre Snow-- Data Services; Many hours of computer consulting and help in getting the data base up and running, solving problems, valuable advice.
38.  Harvey Whisnant--Cleveland Radiator Service:  Glass beading of many small parts.
39.  Annette Holt--Help with home page design.
40.  Horace Weaver--City of Shelby Employee helping in mechanical restoration. Many hours of volunteer work.
41.  Tommy Blanton--Volunteer mechanical work.
42.  Don Rohm--Volunteer with the re-assembly.
43.  Don Beck, Beck Engraving--Machine work for re-assembly.
44.  Bud Mims, Ganza Pina--Machine Builders & Design--Machine work on castings, and fabrication of parts.
45.  Mary Lopez--Donation of her video documentary: "Restoring the Dream"
46.  First National Bank--Sponsored Artists Reception for Mary Lopez and sponsored Shelby City Park Carrousel Friends, Inc. float in 1998 Merry-Go-Round Festival Parade.
47.  Southco Industries--Donated steel for the A-frame and drive base.
48.  Rutherford EMC--Eddie Elliott's employer. Allowed the use of Eddie's service truck and tools.
49.  Metals America, Dick Strachen--Donated materials for light circle contacts or Commutator.
50.  Chuck Hoyle-- Legal advice pertaining to filing for 501 (3) (c) non-profit.
51.  Gift shop volunteer workers.
52.  Cleveland County-- Contribution to "A Partner in the Pavilion" campaign, use of old armory for set-up space.
53.  Ad Hoc Fund Raising Committee-- Ed Hamilton, David Qualls, Bill Campbell, Alice Johnson. Pushed us over the top!
54. Shelby City Park Carrousel Friends, Inc. Board of Directors, past and present-- For their work and persistence over the life of the project and also those who came to  meetings and helped get the non-profit started.
55. KoSA Corporation -- Donation of DC Inverter for Speed Control.
56. Vic McCord -- Wiring of Inverter and other electrical work and consulting.
57. Jerry Henry and Harold Weaver -- Train volunteer rebuilders who have also helped with several carrousel and band organ jobs, including installing new gear sections in fall of 2000.

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