Carrousel Directory/Bibliography

P. O. BOX 704
SHELBY, NC 28151-0704
Telephone:  704/484-6476; City Park Office: 704/484-6839;  Internet: 
Individual Friend: $5-14; Family of Friends: $15-49; Corporate(less than 10 employees):
$1250(Scenery Panels Sponsor);  $2000(Rounding Board

Other related information:
The National Carousel Association


Membership is from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 and includes 4 issues of the Merry-Go- Roundup.  $30/yr.  Send name, address, 9-digit zip, phone.   "The purpose of the NCA shall be to promote conservation, appreciation, knowledge and enjoyment of the art of the classic wooden carousel and especially the preservation of complete wooden carousels"

Grab the Brass Ring: The American Carousel by Anne Dion Hinds
Painted Ponies by William Manns
A Pictorial History of the American Carousel by Fred Fried
Fairground Art by Weedon and Ward
Carousels-The Myth, The Magic, and The Memories by Tobin Fraley
Art of the Carousel by Charlotte Dinger

The Carousel News and Trader (Magazine)
87 Park Avenue West, Suite 206
Mansfield, OH 44902             $25/yr.

     Carrousel as a word has been spelled many ways including Carousselle, Karrousel,
Carousel, etc.  For simplicity's sake, many have adopted the simplest form with one of each
letter.  Merry-Go-Round usually has three R's.


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