Shelby City Park Carrousel Friends, Inc. has designated several components of the restored carrousel that are available to be sponsored.  Sponsorship of these highly visible, attractive components provides the opportunity for individuals, families, groups and businesses to showcase their support for this restoration project and their commitment to an enhanced quality of life for all generations to enjoy.  Names of sponsors will be prominently displayed within the carrousel complex.
     Please consider sponsoring a part of the carrousel.  Our project needs your support and everyone who rides and enjoys the carrousel will know and remember those who made it possible!


Item                                            Number Available                      Amount
Outside Row Horses 
12 (sorry, 0)
Middle Row Horses
10  (sorry, 0)
Inside Row Horses 
10 (sorry, 0)
2(sorry, 0)
Rounding Boards 
14 (now 12)
14 (sorry, 0)
Scenery Panels
14 (now 7)


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