Artists Profiles
David Caldwell
    David Caldwell worked on the carrousel project beginning in about 1995. He  worked both part time and full time for the project and on the City Park Maintenance staff. The horse above is the third new horse for the carrousel that David carved. It is beautiful and quite an accomplishment.
David also did the majority of the varnishing of figures and was part of the team that  finished up the restoration and reassembly of the machine.

Nancy Haynes
Nancy Haynes was one of the three major volunteer painters. She has had decorative painting training and is very good in painting wildlife and animals. She has painted many of the horses, rounding boards and scenery panels.

Brenda Lowery
Brenda Lowery is a very good decorative painter. She is very precise in following her pattern decisions and has an uncanny eye for color. She painted horses and rounding boards and chariots.

Alice Johnson
Alice Johnson also is a decorative painter and a volunteer. Being a decorative painter means you are taught brush control as well as drawing fine lines for trim work. Alice painted horses, rounding boards, and scenery panels.
    All three ladies have worked five years as volunteers. Each phase of the painting was a combined effort and much discussion as to color application and context of each piece of work that was done. Nancy is a hair dresser, Brenda and her husband are business owners, and Alice owned an arts and craft shop and taught decorative painting for Cleveland Community College, adult education for twenty-two years. Alice sold her shop in 1994.
    They started painting on the carrousel project in 1992 and have well over 6000 hours, collectively on the project. Also involved in volunteer painting were Geary Sloan, Darlene Godfrey, Jerry McGinnis, Phillip Lovelace, Elizabeth Vinesette, Jerry Gantt, Linda Ferree, Judy Hall, Lynn Ledford, Sara McNeilly, Barbara Crider, and Selvia Brown.

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