Sponsor List

Large Outside Row Horses 
Middle Row Horses 
Inside Row Horses 

  • M/M Harvey Hamrick
  • National Carousel Association
  • M/M Scott, Angela Heath
  • M/M George Blanton
  • Shelby Savings Bank
  • Brownie Plaster
  • D/M Tom, Mary Lou Moss
  • Historic Shelby
  • Shelby Junior Charity League
  • Mrs. Betty Dorton Thomas
  • Mrs. Frances Bryce
  • M/M Joe Goforth
  • Holland, Hamrick, & Patterson
  • Uptown Shelby Association
  • M/M Scott, Angela Heath
  • Mrs. Dorothy Dykers
  • Mrs. Pat Spangler
  • J. L. Suttle, Jr., Insurance
  • Mrs. Mildred Keeter
  • Shelby School System
  • M/M Terre Bullock
  • Hoyt Bailey
  • Cleveland County Schools
  • D/M Jack Hunt's Daughters
  • Hoyt Bailey
  • M/M John Fraley, Jr.
  • J. L. Suttle, Jr.
  • Tony Izzi, Jr. and Family
  • M/M Kent Bridges
  • M/M Kent, Tammy Stephenson
  • M/M Vance, Gina Suttle
  • Laura Early-Guffey
  • Chariots:  2 @ $7,500:  First National Bank;
    Machine Builders & Design (Bud Mims)

    Shields:  14 @ $1,000: Jack Morgan; Shelby Savings Bank;M/M Ed Hamilton; The O. Max Gardner Foundation;  Mrs. Elva Gheen; Leasing Services;  D/M Shem Blackley;  Shelby Printing Co.;  D/M Paul Sarazen;  BB&T Corp.;  D/M Robert Litton;  Maxine Forest;  John Forlines;  Rev. Sam Raper.

    Scenery Panels:  14 @ $1,250:  Cleveland County Fair, Inc.;Mrs. Ina Byers;  Ron & Jerry Gantt;  Thompson Family; M/M Walter Luther; The Star, First Charter Bank

    Rounding Boards: 14 @ $2,000:  Ray Thomas; M/M Robert Forney, Mrs. T. J. Forney;

    Pavilion Name: The Dover Foundation (Anne Dover Bailey Pavilion)
    Special Contribution:  In memory of Kathleen and Charles Dover, by Dorothy Dover Dykers

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